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Vides experts

Somos un vivero especializado en la producción y comercialización de vides injertadas, to meet needs of new planting and replanting, both varieties of table grapes as vinifera.

Plants types

a NuevaVid, we have different types of plants, We help you select the best option.
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Check the many varieties we handle. table, pisqueras and viníferas.
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We have several types of rootstocks, We advise you to choose the right one according to your needs.
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specialized nursery

Quality service

We provide excellent service to each of our clients. We partake of genetic programs and also have planting Manual, to obtain better production.

Programa Genético

Meet our genetic programs, improving quality.
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Planting Manual

Descarga nuestro Manual de Plantación, una guía para obtener mejores resultados.

Here listed

Reserva tus plantas, cotizando a través de nuestro formulario en línea.
Table grapes

Variedades ARRA

Meet the ARRA varieties:

nurseries NuevaVid, It has the exclusive license propagation of new varieties of table grapes in Chile ARRA.

Vides white and red table, with excellent organoleptic qualities and efficiency in their management and production.

Viveros listed on NuevaVid
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Million plants sold each year
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