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You 15 in Chile,,es,the most widely planted new white varieties,,es,The following article was published in the,,es,Agricultural Network Magazine,,es,April issue,,es,Among the new white varieties,,es,It is by far the most widely planted in Chile,,es,with about,,es,hectares at the end of,,es,and expanding,,es,What are the causes of having achieved this privileged place,,es,For the answer,,es,nothing better than talking to those who have incorporated it into their programs,,es,REASONS FOR PRODUCERS / EXPORTERS TO CHOOSE,,es,Production manager Ruta Copiapo,,es,Hernán Pulgar,,es,indicates,,es,Today we have,,es,but I hectáreas,,hu,in production,,es,established in,,es,and in season,,es,we started a project,,es,has additional,,es,We have seen that,,es,compared with ancient varieties we have a,,es, la más plantada de las nuevas variedades blancas.